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My Love Diary

“The Tips to die, the tips to live always start with love and ends with it” –Raj Nagar

“If i was the death I would erase the love but how can I because I was even born with it”- Neo Daniel (Raj)

“If was a virus and she was the heal I would rather die to get healed”- Razz Nagar

“Why I should live as I know that I will never gain or lose something but only regret’s that I only missed it”

“I was finding my girl all places alone but then got the fact that I was searching a girl rather than a love”

“if I even got the girl which more than a pearl but can’t even pretend that she is with my heart and I am still alone”-Razz

“If I ever get pain you are my heal, if I ever got angry you are heaven, if I ever got stressed you are my relief, But Without you I not even a leaf”- Mr. Alone

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