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Opps Souls Got Changed


We all married people do get tired, frustrated and angry at our Relation when we think that our love gets vanishes with age. But after listening to my story your minds will totally change. It was the story to a couple which use to love each other more than there life but when responsibilities arrives the situation does get worse when they both were 25 they had a baby it grows up and created responsibility and became the most frustrated couple from the best couple when they got at the age of 48. That wasn’t the real good stuff was going in there life but after three years they both got murdered but the thief and the whole talk in between them were as down:-

Old Guy :- This is all my Hard Work money you are stealing.

Old Guy’s Wife:- Take all this but leave both of us .

Thief:- Just Shut up both of you !

Old Guy:- Take up his stick and start beating up the thief and got shoot up in the fight.[Old Guy Die With his last word “because of you I died]

His wife:- Remember that he was going for a drink in neighbor  of you I died]

His wife:- Remember that he was going for a drink in neighbor and she stopped him. She Cry’s in pain and try to push the thief and he do same with her [Both Dies and thief got killed in police encounter]

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In The Heaven

God:- I have created love so people even die with all that they have .

But these two soul require more time to know that

[And gave both of them a newly wedded couple’s body with their old memory for one year but with changed soul the guy got the girl body and so as the old lady got the boy’s body].

When they got to know that they have only one year then they realize the true love but what about us we don’t have any no one knows about the next second and even god makes delay to listen our voices as he is so busy so make every moment like the last and take every second and your limit to live.

“I never Loved someone, as no one loved me , but I still pray for you that love will never leave you alone” – Raj Nagar

“The Oceans got limit the time too but the guy without the limit is the love so”-Raj(Neo)

“If I will be the time and she will be the death I try to stop because I can’t see tears in her eyes if I will die”-Raj Nagar



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