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Step to Die


In Life thousands of problem’s came to make every one of us to think generally one time in a year that he/she should die because of many reasons there are more than thousand reason to die but even got more than thousands reason to live.

I would like to share one of my experience when my brain use to say that there is no need to live now that my heart is broken all that rubbish and no one loves me and that night dream just changed my life. The Dream Started with race with people running behind me with guns, Rods, brooms and too much assassination stuff I was running like hell and after every 10 sec one of them use to caught me every time and I push him back and run again but running from Paris to Australia that is too long and that too by running I got a place too hide in cabin near sheriff house. I was sitting in the corner asking myself and the god why are they all mad at me suddenly my late grandfather appears with a stick in his hand and shouts here he is I suddenly shout with anger that “Why Do You Want To Kill Me I Haven’t Harm Anyone Of You” then they all come and say sorry child your dress look like the same as kidnappers and you too ran after seeing us so we thought you are one of them .

                                                                            Then I my Mom Comes and wake me up from the dream and I got to know that the matter was never about me for making other people love me I should do some stuff that other people like and want from me as my dad want me to be successful man , my mom want’s me to be the happiest in the world and all other want that I should only help them but don’t ask for one so I try doing that .

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“Love Is That Part Of Life Which Creates Life And Vanishes Life “


“If You Are Intelligent to understand the above line then there is no need to die “

  Because the person alone get’s the appreciation alone and do even never feel alone I will always there for you all because I do get sometime alone too.

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