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The Turns


The Life Is Always Been a Race to the every living being which makes everyone of to take turns. There are 4 types of turns in life according to me and they are:-

1:-Emotional Turns

2:-Power turns

3:-Situation Turns

4:-I Don’t know Turns

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First   Emotional Turns these are turns which we use to see in our day to day life. I Could give you an Universal example of this which is of one biggest relation where a men and a women have to tie up there heart’s to each other even recently called as marriage wait-wait let’s get back to the topic, In order to perform or live this relationship both of the partner’s   turn their decision for the sake of the other partner’s happiness in these turns they didn’t even know what are they doing they just turn. Example: – One day I and my dad were talking of making a room in our garden and too get on the decision of making it but after dad talked mom he just turned and blamed me for this idea but all over it was my idea but he just Flipped.

Second Power turns these are one of the biggest turns which are taken in life where the guy changes his/her decision in just one second. Generally it has been seen these types of turns are taken when the human is on a stake of something like an important business meeting conclusion, emergency and at many places these turns are taken by humans.

Third Situation Turn’s these turns are similar to Power turns but power turns are the one which are forced by other human being to another. Generally it has been seen that there are 99.9% of takes forced decision every day. Like if someone got an idea of starting a business of crackers but at the time of making this decision work he/she takes advice (which is generally called as disaster book) then those non-professionals opens the whole world accident and incident’s book where the guy with the idea is charged by means of words where only disaster happens and makes that idea turn into opening a cyber café business where he is made confident that this is the real big money source.

Fourth and Final I Don’t Know Turns in these type of turns (basically I too couldn’t understand the reason behind this turn) but according to my research this is the most harmful of all and can even cause physical and mental injury.

(“The Life Is a pond with no speed but for thrill even there is Hard Work is Indeed”) 



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